Welcome to Intelligent Thinking.
  • Mobile Auditing

    Our application runs on HP handhelds along with the soon to be released iPad.

    Audits completed once off, no risk of losing papers or data with a backup system in place.

  • Surveys

    Recorded Data displays regarding business performance.

    Ever wonder who is slowing down your company? What is time consuming or where your money is being over exerted? Our surveys will identify all of that.

  • QMS

    Quality Management Systems through iThNk Manage.

    Improve your companies performance within the first six months using iThNk Manage.

  • Help & Support

    Intelligent Thinking Help and Support hours are from Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 .

    Our Support team will help guide you through your frustration and problems whether it be from synchronising or creating audits.