Our Team

Marc Plaxton-Harrison

Marc Plaxton-Harrison is the director of iThNk. One of his best attributes is he makes the iThNk team feel at home and is not afraid to get his hands dirty when the dev team are running tight on a deadline.

Carlos De Freitas

Carlos De Freitas is a senior developer who has been working with iThNk for the past 3 years and has practically watched iThNk grow into what it has become. Carlos leads the dev team with a motto of "get it or get out" and feels iThNk has accomplished alot through the years. When he is not behind the computer punching codes he is either in the gym or playing squash with his fellow colleagues.

Shane Kishoon

Shane Kishoon known as the IT man with the plan has been with iThNk since October 2009. You'll find our big IT man in the gym during his free time or with the fella's at iThNk on the weekends.

Jennifer Padayachee

Jennifer Padayachee is one of our newest iThNk members and is a workaholic. She tends to make the rest of uswork harder due to her motivational standards.

Roberto Da Silva

Roberto Da Silva is known as the youngster amongst the iThNk crew yet has the knowlede of a grown man. Yes his knowledge may be that of no use to the average person but he still has it all.

Kyle Van der Schyff

Kyle Van der Schyff is the creativity and graphic designer of iThNk. In his spare time you'll find him with a camera in his hand..

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